Guide tour information

KIGA (Kansai Interpreter & Guide Association) started our new guided tour programs on October 1st, 2013.

KIGA (Kansai Interpreter & Guide Association) started our new guided tour programs
“Kansai Omotenashi ( cordial hospitality ) Guide Tour” on Oct.1st, 2013.

KIGA has gained considerable experience working as interpreters and guides for foreign tourists in Kansai. 

Now KIGA offers “Your own/Your original” sightseeing tours for foreign tourists and announces them on our home page. First we offer three tours in Osaka and one in Kyoto, but from next spring we will gradually increase the number of tours and cover a larger area.

We look forward to seeing you on our tours.

KIGA (Kansai Interpreter and Guide Association) is a group of national-licensed professional tour guides and interpreters. We organize our own study tours and training programs for our members to continuously improve our abilities as interpreters and tour guides.