Our Services
Interpreter and Tour Guide-Interpreter Services

When you need to communicate with the Japanese, using our professional interpreters, you’ll never be at a loss for words.

When you visit Japan, with our reliable and professional Tour Guide-Interpreters, you’ll have a carefree and worry-free time.
Our members cover a wide variety of languages:
 English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Russian.
As for English, we offer simultaneous interpreter services as well.
We provide simultaneous, consecutive, relay and whispered interpretation services for conferences, business talks, manufacturing facility tours, coverage for the media, the medical scenes and other various situations that require any technical knowledge.


Interpreter/Tour Guide

Translation Services

We provide high-quality translation services for various situations.
We offer reliable services in every stage: primary translation, crosscheck, proofreading by a native speaker, and thorough check before delivery.  Therefore, we offer the highest-quality translation services.

Our members will fulfill your requirement in many wide-ranging fields.

 English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc.
 (both from your language to Japanese, and from Japanese to your language)

 Legal documents, Patent application documents, Business correspondence,
 Papers on medicine and various technologies, Leaflets, Certificates, etc.

We can provide estimates quickly.

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Language Instructor Services

We offer reliable Language education services by our proficient and enthusiastic instructors
who have considerable and extensive experience in their teaching careers.

We fulfill various requests from you, such as a seminar for Tour Guide-Interpreters, business people and medical personnel, or interviews for testing language proficiency.

We can offer an on-site seminar as well.

We’re waiting for your request.

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Our Activities

Our association regularly holds various training seminars for our members.
Through those seminars, our members upgrade their skills and broaden their knowledge.

On-site seminars on sight-seeing spots
Recent examples:
 Walking around the Gion Area and Kodai-ji Zen Temple; visiting the garden of rhe Gion Kaburenjo Theater and the Oldest Zen Temple, Kennin-ji; tasting Shojin Ryori and matcha, and listening to a Buddhist Sermon.

Classroom studies:
 Guiding skills, Interpreting skills including simultaneous interpretation technique,
 translating methods, medical knowledge and interpretation technique, etc.

Recent Services;

2013 / May Tour Guide (English) 
  Interpreter (English)
  Sunrise Tour
2013 / June Tour Guide (English)
  Interpreter (English)
  Sunrise Tour
  Interview for Test in Practical English Progiciency
2013 / July Interpreter (English)
  Sunrise Tour 
2013 / August Tour Guide (English)
  Sunrise Tour
2013 / September Sunrise Tour
2013 / October Tour Guide (English / Russian / Chinese)
  Sunrise Tour
  Interview for Test in Practical English Proficiency
  Language Instructor (English)
2013 / November Tour Guide (English / Chinese)
  Interpreter (English)
  Sunrise Tour 
  Language Instructor (English)